Other than providing top quality services of planning and organizing excursions and tours in Croatia, our agency offers the service of car or van transfers according to your preferences and plans. We take care of you even on a really short stay in Croatia :)

If you wish to make your stay in any of the beautiful cities on the Croatian coast or inland as pleasant as possible, Touch Croatia agency is providing the service of transfers.

Luxury class vehicles and professional drivers are at your disposal if you wish to make your stay a bit different. In our offer, we have various types of vehicles that allow you to experience Croatia with luxury and comfort.

Our drivers are professionals
with multiple years of experience in the service industry and knowledge of foreign languages. We believe people are the key to our business so our full confidence lies on our team. 

They are the ones who will safely and quick take you from one location to another or spend the day showing you the memorable places of Croatia, and telling you the stories that you will remember.






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