North Dalmatia by sea

Getting to know Zadar and Šibenik regions by sea is one of the extraordinary memories you will take with you from Croatia. From Zadar to Šibenik you will have a unique opportunity to visit two national parks and one park of nature.



Day 1. 

Leaving Zadar and sailing towards the island Ugljan where we will spend the day in Sutomišcica bay. Covered by dense bush, pine trees, olive trees, fig trees, vineyards and other Mediterranean plants, island Ugljan will make you feel relaxed instantly. 

Day 2. 

Continuing from Ugljan to island Dugi Otok and the bay of Veli rat. The largest island in the group of northern Dalmatian islands is especially proud of a beautiful lighthouse located on the northwestern side, as well as the nature park Telaščica which is characterised by three phenomena: the Telaščica bay, “Stene” cliff and salt lake “Mir.”


Day 3. 

Visiting the park of nature Telašćica bay with its gorgeous scenery (island Dugi Otok) but before that we stop the bay of Sakarun, one of the most beautiful ones on the Adriatic. Snow white sand and crystal blue sea of the beach Sakarun will surely stay one of the highlights of this journey.

 Day 4.

Spending the day in the area of Kornati islands national park. Often called 'The nautical heaven' the park includes 89 out of 149 islands and islets of Kornati archipelago, and that is the scenery where we will spend our day. Docking in Levrnaka bay we will spend the night in this special ambience.

Day 5.

Visiting the island Zlarin, well known for its red sea corals. The fact that this is one of the islands that doesn't allow cars will come as true relaxation in the peace and quiet of the pine trees. If you are lucky you may witness a ceremony that is held for sailors who are going to the sea at night to find corals.


Day 6. 

Exploring the national park KrkaThe beauty that can only be described as mesmerizing and a natural phenomenon because of its seven travertine waterfalls. There are about 100 caves along the flow of the river, and 40 of them are in the National park area.

Day 7. 

Arriving by 12:00 o clock in the city of Šibenik, where your first view will be on The Cathedral of St James, proclaimed UNESCO World Heritage site



There are several possibilities to perform one tour and therefore, the price can vary depending on some factors:

e.g. type of vehicle, accommodation type, activities ... 

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