Grand Tour of Croatia

From North to the South of the country with more than 1000 islands and countless natural beauties. It will be hard for you to decide which place is your favorite but you will definitely never forget the journey.



Day 1. 

Arriving in the capital of the country - city of Zagreb, settling in your accommodation and going out to the vivid streets to feel the energy of this city.

Day 2.

Sightseeing all of the beauties and getting to know the history of the town with our local guides. 

Dan 3.

Departing from Zagreb towards the most beautiful national park of Croatia - Plitvice lakes national park.

The cascades over the limestone, preserved nature, wildlife, plants...all this will capture you to return once again, and maybe in a different time of year.

Day 4. 

After complete relaxation in nature, we take off towards Split, a unique city with a typical Dalmatian energy, but before that we will stop in the city of Zadar to explore Kalelarga, St Donatus, and the Sea organ. 

Day 5.

Explore the city of Split, home of Emperor Diocletian, his palace, museums, and monuments from the Roman Empire. 

Day 6.

Leaving Split towards Dubrovnik we will cross the Bosnia and Herzegovina border to visit the oriental jewel of the Balkans, the city of Mostar. There we will stop for a short sightseeing and lunch, and afterwards, continue the trip to Dubrovnik

Day 7.

Our local guides will take you on a journey trough the city walls of Dubrovnik Old Town, a former capital of Dubrovnik Republic. Captivating beauty and impressive history will chain you to this city.

Day 8. 

Leaving towards the international airport



There are several possibilities to perform one tour and therefore, the price can vary depending on some factors:

e.g. type of vehicle, accommodation type, activities ... 

For full information on the prices, you can use the booking form.


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