Best of Split

Visit the gorgeous watchtowers over the city of Split, explore ancient Salona and unveil Trogir city treasures hidden in the arms of fortress Kamerlengo.

If you really want to spend a special day in Split and its surroundings, our custom Best of Split excursion will fulfill your expectations.

Departing from the Emperor Diocletian's ancient home we drive towards the impressive fortress of Klis that endured the pressure of time and different conquerors. A panoramic ride takes us further to ancient Salona, a Roman metropolis of Dalmatian province. Its ancient forum, temples, colosseum and episcopal centre are today in ruins but still give you a glimpse of the old era and life.

From Salona, the excursion continues towards the city of Trogir. Your attention will be captured by the beauty of fortress Kamerlengo, Rectors palace, monasteries and city walls, but a true jewel of this city is st. Lawrence cathedral. 

Richly carved gateway by local architect and sculptor Master Radovan, as well as the walls and ceiling - In a few words - a true treasure of architecture and craftsmanship.

While still under a strong impression of Trogir architecture we return to Split to explore the beauties hidden inside the walls of the Diocletian's palace. 


*Diocletian was a big fan of Egyptian culture and had brought many sphinxes from Egypt in Split. So far twelve are found, and two best-known are at the Peristyle and in front of the Jupiter's temple. 



The panoramic ride from Split towards Klis and Solin where we explore the remains of ancient Salona. After Salona sightseeing we continue the journey towards the town of Trogir to unveil all the beauties hidden in the bottom of Kamerlengo fortress.

After exploring the sights in the surroundings we return to Split where our local guides will lead you to the Roman empire as you walk along the streets of former emperor Diocletian's home. 



There are several possibilities to perform one excursion and therefore, the price can vary depending on some factors e.g. type of vehicle, planned activities ... 

For full information on the prices, you can use the booking form.

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