Advent in Croatia

The atmosphere you have to experience!

Croatian people love their tradition and are very proud of their habits, especially in the Christmas time. The whole country simply lives for that time of year when the streets are full of joy and carollers, the smell of cooked flavored wine and local sweet specialties. 

Getting to know Croatia in its Christmas mood and spirit is a journey that starts in the north and ends in the south of the country. The special tour that we prepared will make you fall in love with Croatia's winter tradition.


* The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, was voted best Christmas destination in 2015. 101,703 people from 176 countries worldwide participated in a survey conducted by European Best Destinations and Zagreb won almost 30,000 votes.




Our tour starts in Zagreb, country's capital and beloved destination for all other Croats during the winter time. Zagreb's tradition of wooden stands in the city center, offering cooked flavored wine and sausages expanded out of the proportion. Today, in the Advent time, the whole city is in the festive mood: One of the most beautiful parks turned into a huge ice-skating field, wooden stands offering vine, sausages and cookies are everywhere. The smell of Christmas and love in the air is certainly the one thing everybody loves about Advent in Zagreb.

From Zagreb, our journey continues towards the most famous and oldest national park in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park. There is a big chance that the temperatures will be low enough for you to experience the ice beauty of frozen waterfalls and see the nature in its full glow. 

Leaving Plitvice Lakes we continue towards the south, and less icy area of Dalmatia to see how does the Mediterranean Advent look like in Split. Stands and winter fairs have not passed around this city either. Loads of stands offering cooked flavored wine, eggnog and 'fritule' (local specialty) find their place on the city squares and streets, and people dancing and chatting around them. One can always encounter even some vocal group called 'klapa', singing traditional songs trough the streets.

For the end of the Advent tour we saved something that you cannot find anywhere else in Croatia, or in the world - Advent in Dubrovnik. We will arrive in time to experience the all-day traditional activity of Dubrovnik people, starting with traditional caroling called 'Kolenda' when groups of different generations come together to wish each other a merry Christmas with a song.

Christmas day is very special in the entire country and everyone spends it with their family, eating traditional food and singing traditional songs.



There are several possibilities to perform one excursion and therefore, the price can vary depending on some factors e.g. type of vehicle, planned activities ... 

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National Park Plitvička Jezera - photo gallery

Tourist board of the city of Zagreb/Mirsad Mehulić,Julien Duval,Igor Nobilo

Tourist board of Dubrovnik

Tourist board of Split-dalmatia region

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