South Dalmatia by sea

The southern coast of Croatia has always been in many things different than the other coastal parts of Croatia. Some will say it is because of the temperament of the locals or because of the unique natural beauties. We will let you be the judge of that.



Day 1.

Sailing towards the Elafiti archipelago and docking on the largest one of them, Šipan. Explore the beautiful architecture of the island, and enjoj in the shades of olive and pine trees.

Day 2.

Visiting one of 8 national parks of Croatia, island of Mljet, with its lakes. The big and the small lake, with the island of St. Mary are a world phenomenon and one of the most beautiful natural sites.

Day 3. 

From the island of Mljet continue to the island of Korčula - home of Marco Polo, the explorer. Narrow streets and special energy of the local people is one of the souvenirs you will take with you.

Day 4. 

Sailing towards the island of Hvar and the exploring the town of Hvar. A whole day of enjoying the UNESCO cultural heritage, gorgeous beaches and great local taverns and bars.

Day 5.

After all the cultural sites of Hvar, we continue to the island of Brač, town of Bol, and the most famous beach in all Croatia: Zlatni rat.

















Day 6.

Reaching a small island of Šolta and the Stomorska bay relax smirking the gorgeous blue Adriatic, swimming and sunbathing.
















Day 7.

Arriving in Split by 12:00 o clock



There are several possibilities to perform one tour and therefore, the price can vary depending on some factors:

e.g. type of vehicle, accommodation type, activities ... 

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