A city saluting the nature

As you pass next to the Church of St Donatus and the Square of 11 Wells following the calming sound of the Sea organ you will realise why this city leaves no one indifferent. Sunsets are quite special in Zadar which is why the architects built a special game of light, starting at the same time when the sun sets, to say goodbye to the day.

Zadar is more than meets the eye, and you can discover its specialties while walking down the main street Kalelarga, that has been an inspiration for several beautiful Croatian songs.


* ‘God may have created a man, but Zadar created basketball’. It’s the number 1 sport, the pride of the city. 



With a short stop on the Šibenik bridge for a gorgeous view, and for those brave enough for a quick bungee jump, we continue our trip towards the town whose rich past and modern present will dazzle you.

Explore the city with our local guides, and try some traditional cuisine before ending the excursion with a beautiful panoramic ride along the coast of Croatia.



There are several possibilities to perform one excursion and therefore, the price can vary depending on some factors:

e.g. type of vehicle, combined activities, the season of the year.

For full information on the prices, you can use the booking form.

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