Split City Tour

Emperors home

After 10-year-long construction, Emperor Diocletian finally moved to his 300 square meters villa in the heart of Dalmatia. That villa became a city and the city outgrew into one of the most beautiful ones on the Adriatic coast.

Walking in the walls of the palace and discovering the Roman city with a Dalmatian soul will absolutely shine a new light on how life looked, and still looks like.

It would be too much to describe all of the city's rich and exciting history in joust a couple of sentences, and that is one more reason to let yourselves into our hands.


*Emperor Diocletian was very fond of art, so he decorated the palace with numerous pieces of art. Till this day there are 12 uncovered Sphinx in the city of Split, and the best-preserved one is situated in the town square Peristil.



Panoramic photo trips and guided walk trough the streets of the palace.



There are several possibilities to perform one excursion and therefore, the price can vary depending on some factors:

e.g. type of vehicle, combined activities, the season of the year.

For full information on the prices, you can use the booking form.

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