The undiminished Republic

Day trip to Dubrovnik is always a good idea! Once you have walked its streets and met its history you won't resist visiting it again.

Stopping on the most beautiful panoramic sites overlooking the ancient city will joust increase your experience.

Dubrovnik has a lot of stories to tell and sites to explore - it was once a Republic of great international reputation, ruled by a rector and nobleman who cherished art and architecture.

Famous playwright George Bernard Shaw wrote "If you want to see paradise on earth, come to Dubrovnik" - take his advice :)


*Arriving from Split to Dubrovnik one must cross the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina because of a diplomatic decision dating back to 1718. when Dubrovnik Republic government gave this piece of land (today Neum) to the Otoman empire, as a form of the protection against the enemies.



Departing from Split and riding down towards the south of Croatia we approach the border with Neum, a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the region of Dubrovnik riviera. Stopping at the most beautiful watchtowers will serve as a great introduction to the story of Dubrovnik and a guided tour with our best guides.

After all the sightseeing enjoy in a typical lunch before returning to Split.



There are several possibilities to perform one excursion and therefore, the price can vary depending on some factors:

e.g. type of vehicle, combined activities, the season of the year.

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