Plitvice Lakes

Lakes that will sway you

The waters flowing over the limestone forming lakes and cascades are for sure one of the Croatia's trademarks. The oldest and most famous national park of our country spoils everybody rotten, no matter the time of the year. Miles of hiking trails and boardwalks throughout the park allow you to enjoy the nature at its best. The only question that remains is whether Plitvice lakes are more beautiful in summer, fall, winter or autumn!?

Optional Three-hour ride from Split to Plitvice is quite a chance to get to know Croatia's culture, history, and energy as we pass trough the inland roads.


*Although winters are very harsh, this is still one of the best places to visit in Croatia, since the falls completely freeze during the winter. They have been known to stay solid for more than 30 days at a time



Travel trough the Croatian inland to arrive on the grounds of the most beautiful and the oldest national park in Croatia. Spending the day wandering around the lakes and enjoying this pearl of nature. 



There are several possibilities to perform one excursion and therefore, the price can vary depending on some factors:

e.g. type of vehicle, combined activities, the season of the year.

For full information on the prices, you can use the booking form.

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